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Our journey started in 2003 and so far, we have assisted over 6000 students in achieving their dreams. At Unifees, students can explore various academic programs and apply to their best suited university using the innovative Unifees Portal. We have an expert team to assist students at every phase of their journey to their dream university. Our process includes the application assessment, seamless completion of documentation, connection with the universities, assistance in visa application and supporting students in taking the first step towards their favourite university.

Our multiple innovative fees transferring methods are revolutionary and rewarding at the same time. Come and experience the best at every step of your international education journey.

Why Unifees?

We have tested some path-breaking strategies and continually leverage them to all our stakeholders. We constantly work towards innovating new techniques and operatives to get closer to what we want to achieve. To aid ample permutations of global scalability for both students and learning institutions, we designed a revolutionary platform that two-way engages all our stakeholders.

We are gradually evolving into a limitless academic community by promoting worldwide collaborations without the need for physical presence.

One profile, many applications

Apply to various universities through only one profile and select the perfect one for you.

Choose the best among many

Choose the best one for you from the curated list of the most suitable universities.

Unifees search engine makes this easy

The best-ever search experience of the innovative portal makes it easy to go.

Increase the chance of getting selected

Our diligent and vigilant team ensures that your application gets selected by submitting the perfect, error-free documents.

Services Offered

We offer a wide portfolio of expertly managed services right from pre-admission until post landing process, exclusively tailored to the needs of each student seeking overseas education. At Unifees, we gaze into every detail associated with the student and its abroad education prospectives so that all our channel users can be at ease. We yearn to inculcate this peace of mind in all our partners. When they know that there is a professional team working on every speck of detail, our ultimate goal will eventually fall in place.

  • Career counseling
  • University selection
  • Applications & Scholarships
  • Interview preparation
  • Guidance for IELTS, TOEFL, SAT
  • Visa Services
  • Pre Departure & Accommodation
  • Education Loan

Benefits for Abroad Education Agents with Unifees

Unifees Learn

Uniquely constructed Unifees portal allows you to complete the entire application process in a convenient manner.

User-Friendly Portal

Uniquely constructed unifees portal allows you to complete the entire application process in a convenient manner.

Well managed Data

Our interface is capable of managing all data conveniently. The best-ever search and sorting experience is provided by the smart platform.

Fast and seamless service

Our seasoned team ensures that our stakeholders receive prompt and impeccable service.

Five Steps to Get Admission

First Step (Profile Creation)

Create your student profile with the required details, and you will be suggested the best options available for you across the globe.

Second Step (Application Submission)

Submit your application using the uniquely designed portal of Unifees. With just one profile, you can apply to as many programs and universities as you like, based on the alternatives provided by Unifees' industry-leading search engine.

Third Step (Review and Submission of Application)

The application is reviewed and assessed by Unifees for perfectness and deliverability. We swiftly forward the application to the partner academic institutions for further processing.

Fourth Step (Approval Letter from Partner University)

The partner university will send a Letter of Approval. Most of the times, you receive an approval letter because of the rigorous screening done by team Unifees.

Fifth Step (Visa assistance and Admission to University)

After getting the approval from the partner university, get your study visa application done with the help of Unifees team and fly to your dream university.


We have put up a specially curated portal to provide you with the world's best experience to complete the journey of your educational endeavours. We have also got you covered from the pre-application stage, submitting documents to the last steps of securing admission to your dream university.


Using the innovative Unifees platform, you can expand your reach to more students in multiple demographies. Our rigorous filtration process makes sure that you get the error-free application to courses, which saves a lot of time.

Sub Agents

Using our state-of-the-art portal, you may get students enrolled at the most prestigious universities. We use our significant knowledge and broad institutional reach to simplify the process for education consultants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our process specialists are well-trained, seasoned and have 5-8 years of experience in guiding students through the process. Our professional counselling experts have an average of 6-9 years of experience in counselling students.

We can increase the chance of admission by applying to multiple universities as per the candidates’ eligibility.

It depends primarily on the university to which you are applying. The fee structure for most universities ranges from around USD 10,000 to over USD 40,000 per annum.

Each university has its own set of eligibility requirements, including minimum educational requirements, English language and admission exam requirements, relevant job experience. Our seasoned education counselor can assist you in identifying programs that are appropriate for your needs.

Yes, even if one's academic grades are below average, one can get enrolled. There are multiple reputed universities admitting that students lose concentration or are unable to concentrate on their academics due to unforeseen circumstances. They closely monitor the education structure of different countries because they work hand in gloves with them. Such institutions could be willing to offer an opportunity.

If you have the right papers, you can get a student visa. Most candidates who produce a valid acceptance from an international university or college, proof of financial assistance for tuition fees and living expenses, are usually granted visas.

A Visa interview is a very simple process, and there is nothing to worry about. The Visa interviewer will ask you very simple questions. You should, however, be well-prepared for the questions. Our visa expert team will assist you in preparing for it.

Every overseas university/college take admissions throughout the year. During the academic year, some have two intakes, while others have three or a rolling intake. The majority of institutions in a country have the same intake. As a result, you should start the admissions process at least a year ahead of time for the desired intake. You might start these steps three to four months ahead of time in some cases.

The consultant will provide you with a complimentary visa application form. You can also get the visa application form from our visa expert.

Core Team


Anurag Mittal

Founder & CEO

An experienced entrepreneur, a Crypto enthusiast and an established Leader with a demonstrated history of working in diverse industries like Telecom and Higher Education. Proficient in Advertising, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Operations and Management.


Animesh Pal

Co-founder & COO

Animesh's portfolio ranges from academic efficacy to Industrial Design. A crypto-geek at heart and vivid supporter of disruptive technology, he is skilled in strategizing and building teams for operations to align and achive strict timeline goals.


Shashank Kumar

Co-founder & CSO

10+ years of global experience. Specialized in creating enterprise security framework, provide strategic leadership to IT Security projects and initiatives.


Sanjay Smart

Associate Director (Operations)

Sanjay has been in International Education since 1996. His core skills include teaching for language proficiency tests like IELTS, PTE and TOEFL and Reasoning Tests like SAT, ACT, GRE and GMAT. Sanjay is also an experienced counsellor for multiple international destinations. In addition, Sanjay is a pre-screening specialist for study abroad and vets all admission applications and visa applications for our students with remedial action recommended when necessary.



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